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neurodiversity in HR

We support HR & D&I professionals on their neurodiversity journey.

What we do

As our brains are unique, so are our neurodiverse conditions. There are no typical neurodivergent brains. All neurodiverse conditions are spectrum disorders and the strengths and challenges of each individual are unique.  

We must take time to understand and appreciate our individual strengths and challenges.

At Neuroinclusive HR, our mission is to help all organisations to be neuroinclusive throughout the employee lifecycle.

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About me

Melanie Francis, Chartered FCIPD is an accomplished HR Director with over 25 years of experience gained within complex matrix organisations in public, private and not-for-profit sectors. 

Mel is also a Mum to a brilliant neurodivergent son and is a neurodiversity champion and trainer committed to increasing awareness of neurodiversity and the brilliance of neurodiverse talent.


Mel has been trained by Professor Amanda Kirby, a globally renowned neurodiversity specialist, and holds a Neurodiversity Aware® accreditation. Mel is the Director of Neurodiversity at Work for Amanda’s company, Do-IT Profiler supporting and advising clients on their journey to being neuroinclusive.


Her mission is to raise awareness and appreciation of the brilliance of neurodiverse talent and to champion, the positive impact neurodiverse teams have on organisation success. 


Neuroinclusive HR is the perfect collaboration of her HR skills, knowledge and experience of neurodiversity.

“Thank you ! Everyone really enjoyed the webinar and found it really informative We all learnt a lot and we have definitely raised awareness and enabled a space where people can and support each other at Kocho.”

Rhiannon Eagle, People Business Partner, Kocho

Our Services

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From basic Neurodiversity introductions right through to recruitment, employment law, and employee lifecycles. Our Neurodiversity workshops are the perfect way to train and coach your HR teams. 

Business Video Call


A lot of our customers are supporting hybrid workforces. We offer all our workshop services as webinars too. Get in touch to find out more.

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Neurodiversity & HR Consultancy

Mel is available to provide HR and neurodiversity guidance and support on a pay-as-you-go or retained basis. From team development to recruitment consultancy, Mel has the experience and time to support your team.

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