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Neurodiversity Workshops

Our neurodiversity workshops are designed to build awareness within your teams and to make a start on building a neurodiverse workforce.

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Fully flexible workshop options

Online Workshop

To support your home or hybrid working teams, all our workshops can be done onine via video call.

In-person workshops

Face to face workshops to support those teams who are able to be together in the office.

One to one workshops

Our one to one support is ideal for tailored individuall support or profesional traning.

Our workshops in detail

Much like our brains, no Neruoinclive HR workshop is the same, but we have found the best place to start is usually around building awareness within your teams. 

Our neurodiversity awareness workshop is the perfect introduction to neurodiversity for your organisation. During a one-hour session, we will learn what neurodiversity is, what the neurodiverse conditions are, what traits are associated with each condition and why might a diagnosis help or hinder.

We will also cover how mental health and neurodiversity are so closely linked and most importantly, how we can be neuroinclusive in our workplace.

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