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Neurodiversity Webinars

Our professional neurodiversity webinars cover a range of important HR inclusion topics such as recruitment, employee lifecycle and the law.

Video Call

Our webinar range

Neuroinclusive recruitment

Let neurodiverse talent shine during the recruitment process with our inclusivity webinar.

Neuroinclusive employee lifecycle

Our employee lifecycle webinar specialises in neurodivrse talent retainment.

Neurodiversty & employment law

Our employment law webinar focuses on your policies and procedures around neurodiversity.

Our webinars in detail

Our Webinars are where we start to get into the finer details of neurodiversity within the workplace. From neuroinclusive employment law to employee recruitment, training and retainment, we aim to ensure you and your teams are educated to the highest standard. 

Choose one, two or our complete webinar series to educate and coach your teams. All our webinars are tailored to your business and completed over video call with your people direct.

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