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The case for a Neurodiverse culture

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Are you willing to take the risk?

Whether you're motivated to do the right thing for your employees in terms of their experience, ability to thrive and to perform, or you simply want to avoid potential legal battles (look up Sherbourne v N Power), you really should listen to this.

Melanie Francis Chartered FCIPD of Neuroinclusive HR has been recognised this week as one of the Top 80 #neurodiversity evangelists in the UK in 2023!

She brings to life what neurodiversity is really about, the benefits for companies and the 'how' to develop this important aspect of your organisation.

We explore:

🌟 Different types of neurodiverse conditions and common traits that may be evident at work

🌟 Bias, #stigma, stereotypes and the use of language

🌟 The power of ingroups and outgroups,

🌟 The impact of #workplace culture and #psychological safety

🌟 The value of people uniqueness and the cost of fuelling ignorance

🌟 The correlation between neurodiversity and #mentalhealth challenges

🌟 The responsibility of employers

Mel provides practical advice. So, whether you're starting out or looking to apply a neurodiverse lens to all stages of the employee lifecycle, this episode of the Beyond the Water Cooler podcast will help: Listen here!


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