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Neurodiversity Interview Series with Malina Lawniczak

Neurodiversity Interview Series with Malina Lawniczak - Ep 1. Mel Francis Join Melanie and Oxentia for the first episode of Oxentia's three-part Neurodiversity Interview Series hosted by Malina Lawniczak. Malina is a Psychologist, and an independent consultant at Synergy Initiative, and is also neurodivergent. Mel Francis joins Malina this week, Mel is a Neurodiversity Trainer, Champion and Speaker at Neuroinclusive HR, and Strategic People Partner at London Business School. In this opening conversation, Mel and Malina share their insights on the importance of Neurodiversity in the workplace, dispelling the stigma around being Neurodiverse, and how to educate each other on the challenges around Neurodiversity.


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