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Free Neurodiversity training videos

I am so excited to be able to share two short training videos on neurodiversity! These have been created by the brilliant team at 10to3 and are the perfect output to some months of collaboration between myself, Professor Amanda Kirby or Do-IT Solutions Ltd and Darren Maw, Chris Riddell and Jen Bazley at 10to3.

Having worked with Darren for a long time, I know that he is a very talented visionary and I know that the quality of his training videos are top class. So I knew that he and the team would be the best people to realise a vision of producing some short but informative videos to help to increase awareness of neurodiversity.

And having worked with Amanda for a few years now, I knew that she was the best person to add her neurodiversity expertise to my passion for ND and my HR knowledge. And so the project was born!

After many hours of discussion, script writing, animating, voice-overing (is that a word) and hard work, the videos are here, and we are all delighted with them.

Please do share them far and wide!

We are working on the next episodes in the video suite, and inviting organisations to be an ‘Early Adopter’ and have the opportunity to have a bespoke suite for a very reasonable contribution. Please do get in touch if you want further info on this.

We would love your feedback on them. Enjoy!


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