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Neurodiversity Works Podcast

Hosting HR with HR Recruitment Solutions Featuring Melanie Francis.

Embracing neurodiversity in the workplace has so many benefits and yet awareness is just not there. Well, in this Hosting HR show we are looking to change that. Join our wonderful panel who will explain why neurodiversity should be embraced in the workplace and give you the toolkit to make a positive difference to your organisation and the neurodivergent community. Your panel... Caroline Foster - Chief People Officer, Social Scientist & business Consultant. Caroline has had a glittering HR career working in global HR leadership roles across numerous sectors. Last year, Caroline joined The National Autistic Society as their People Director. Caroline was recently listed as 1 of 8 “Global Top Human Resources Professional 2022” by Bizemag Media. Melanie Francis - Melanie is an accomplished HR Director who’s worked across several sectors. She is also a proud Mum to her neurodivergent son and through her business “Neuroinclusive HR” helps and trains organisations to become neuroinclusive. Caroline Bixby - Recent finalist at the 2022 CIPD awards, Caroline is a strategic HR leader and currently HR Director at Scrutton Bland. Caroline is passionate about inclusion and neurodiversity. By implementing a neurodiverse inclusive competency framework at Scrutton Bland, her (and her colleagues) work has been celebrated and lauded in the local business community. She’s also an Executive Coach and Chair of Trustees for The Green Light Trust.


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